Make America Green: My Goals and Beliefs

Hi everyone! This is my first blog since Green Rush America has given me the opportunity to write for their page. Being my first post, I am going to explain what exactly my project is and how I am going to work with Green Rush America in order to spread awareness on the numerous medicinal benefits that cannabis holds for those who suffer from cognitive, emotional, and physical disorders that prevents them from living a normal, happy life. I hope you can share my message and help support the cause!
My name is Nick Schenk, and I am going into my senior year of college at Bloomsburg University as a Psychology major. Some of my papers and studies have focused on the medicinal benefits of cannabis in the area of psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as a study with individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I started this research at first on my own personal anxiety. I also date a lovely girl who suffers from MS and she talks to me daily of all the medical and legal hoops she has to go through just to get her medication. My senior year I will be studying Autism and raising awareness of the medicinal benefits cannabis can provide for it. My project will consist of 10 months of study, each month consisting of a different disorder. I’ll be starting with insomnia for the month of June, and end in April with Autism during Autism Awareness month.
Along with all of this, I have started my personal Instagram account called “medicalamerica” where I do my best to post the results of my research on cannabis, cannabis oils, and their medicinal benefits for those who are suffering from a number of disorders. My page has already come into contact with a number of movement groups who fully support my vision and are helping me to promote awareness for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.
At the end of the ten months, I am hoping to have collected enough research to pool together a comprehensive paper called the “The 10 Hidden Wonders of Medical Cannabis” and use this as my senior year project in order to graduate. After school, I want to work for medicinal cannabis dispensary providers, and hopefully have them pay for my graduate school. Once I get there, I want to master in Psychological Disorders, earn my masters, and then run my own studies on patients who are using cannabis in order to prevent, treat, or ease their conditions.
This is a serious vision of mine. I am young, but I have a plan. All I ask is for those who are already involved with the medical cannabis movement, and the community at large, to have faith in me as I pursue this career. This blog post will be the first of many, as I plan on interviewing patients and telling their stories on here. Follow my page “medicalamerica” for live updates on the project, and help me Make America Green!!

Author: Nicholas L. Schenk
@medicalamerica (Instagram)

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