Passing The Green

Oklahoma voters have voted yes on State Question 788, legalizing the possession, use and cultivation of cannabis for medical use. On June 26th 2018 voters in support of legalizing cannabis outnumbered non supporters by 14.8 percent. Another big win for supporters of 788 was the amounts raised and donated by the yes voters was significantly lower than that raised of the opposing party. Showing that the support for a yes vote was very high.

Recently the State board of Health in Oklahoma passed new rules for State question 788. The revisions have changed from many strict stipulations to a much more lenient set of rules. When 788 was first passed a pharmacist had to be in every dispensary. There was also a ban on smokables and women were required to take pregnancy test before being able to obtain a marijuana license. All of these rules have now been revised and no longer apply to 788.

Since its passing in June several hundred people have applied for the position of Director for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. This position would be responsible for implementing policies and regulations. With a victory on State question 788 there is now a promising outlook for State question 797 which is for the use of recreational marijuana.

With an estimated $15-$30 million a year revenue just on medical marijuana alone, the state of Oklahoma will be looking at a major profit from the marijuana industry that has an even larger revenue potential if State question 797 passes for the use of recreational marijuana. With promises of the money from the revenue of the marijuana industry in Oklahoma said to be going toward education and other programs for the state, it is hard to see why so many oppose these new legalizations.

With legalization of both medical and recreational use of marijuana on the up rise throughout America it should be only a matter of time before every state is onboard with the use of both. The revenue for each state should pave way too many opportunities that might have not been possible before.


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